Welcome to Amoha

Amoha literally translates as 'free from delusion'. Freedom from delusion means to be in touch with truth. On a practical level this means authentic expression of who you really are.We believe that we are more able to live this authenticity when we work towards living in harmony with nature. When we go against nature, we become disturbed and move away from our harmonious authentic selves. Amoha is committed to providing you with authentic products and services to help you align with nature.

Our wellness products are made with 100 per cent pure ingredients which are organic where possible; no artificial or synthetic ingredients are used. Many of our products are handmade and support small cottage industries.Our wellness services are rooted in Ayurveda, which is the oldest natural living system in the world today. Amoha offers one to one medical consultations, wellness consultations as well as workshops, seminars and courses. Some of these services are also provided on line.